Author: ali.goldie

Featured Artist | Lastscionz

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I hope this would shed some monday blues away.

Today I am excited to introduce and feature an artists to you, one of my favourite on from Deviantart who inspired some of my design works – Jefferey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz aka – Lastscionz.

Welcome to the Alpha Site

Hi guys, a freaky friday and tonnes of design projects are pouring on my desk, however I recently received an email invitation from the social news site to participate in their New Digg v4 Alpha since it was first mentioned by Kevin Rose in April 2009.

Hot and Sexy Girls of World Cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa is currently highlighting some of the hottest soccer players on the pitch, yet huge supporting fans also make their way to be showcased clad hot girls face...

iPhone4 vs HTC Evo

Touchscreen mobile phones are one of the fastest growing trend among our tech savvy junkies. Now its all about the fancy looks and the cool amazing apps,  especially from the latest iPhone 4‘s and...

Visa World Cup Tv Ad

This ad I just saw done by Saatchi & Saatchi HQ for the 2010 World Cup specific Visa advert. Charting the journey of a football fan to dream-land, it seeps in to the minds...

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