Veteran World Champion, Datuk Aloysius Sibidol passed away.

Today is a day of sorrow and mourning as our legendary hero of  Malaysia & Borneo Isl;and, whom is also my grandfather through my father’s side, the late Datuk Aloysius Sibidol came to rest last night – 13th January 2010. He was very ill, bed-ridden for a few years and was treated for pneumonia in the local hospital here in Kota Kinabalu. It was a tough battle and I am still in great shock as I have always known him to be a strong, kind man, yet an amazing Goliath.

He is well known to the Sabah & Brunei locals; the Borneo community, as a veteran sportsman, also a veteran world champion t for winning numerous championships and achieving outstanding performances and even shattering numerous World-Records for events such as javelin, shot-putt and discus. That is how he got his nickname “Borneo Bomber”.

To family and friends who knows my late grandfather,  Datuk Aloysius Sibidol, please do come to the late Datuk’s first son, Mr. Goldie Datuk Aloysius  Sibidol, our house is located in Kg. Tunoh, Penampang for the ceremony to proceed.

Let us share our feelings, give our thanks and pray blessings to the late Datuk Aloysius Sibidol Duligin.

With great love from you grandson,

Ali Goldie.


If anyone who has information or some stories or want to express their experience about the late outstanding  Datuk Aloysius Sibidol, please I ask help & assistance to make my this successful by contacting me anytime.


My deepest & sincere gratitude.

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1 Response

  1. Chester says:

    Will miss you grand-uncle Sibidol! You’re everlasting impact to us athletes in Brunei wouldn’t be forgotten.

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