What's Your Call Style?


Have you ever noticed how a phone conversation can change simply by your posture or environment? I caught myself walking around the office while I was on the phone yesterday and thought about why and more striking, when I do this.

Three examples:

  • When I’m on business development calls, brainstorming or pitching ideas, I’m standing or walking around. It opens my mind for creativity, helps me listen and react on the fly.
  • When presenting, speaking, or hosting a demonstration over the phone I find myself sitting forward with my elbows on my knees. It makes me focus and stay on task.
  • When I’m taking personal calls my feet are on the desk, I’m leaned back in my chair and often watching the sky that I can see outside my window.

How do you think this type of positioning changes my tone? Is my tone over the phone more creative and welcoming of ideas when I stand, more commanding and serious when I sit and lean forward or more relaxed and comfortable when I lean back? You know this makes an impact on the other end of the line and can lead the conversation in one way or another.

What are some of your “on the phone” characteristics? Say a big client just rings in and catches you off guard, what does your body do to prepare you for what they might say?

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