Anatomical Tattoo Designs?

Fancy dinner anyone?

Here is a few preview of fascinating anatomy tattoo design. Personally I do not agree in having one, but still I value & prise such great artwork and salute to those who love the art of tattoos.

“Let Sparta feel my wrath!”

More designs on Street Anatomy Blog. There is even one portraying a bleeding heart. Would you want a new tattoo now?

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5 Responses

  1. Those look very realistic. I could sware the skin was ripped off the arm of the person in the lower pciture.

  2. Tatted gal says:

    The sleeve is sick!

  3. ali.goldie says:

    I would update more on tattoo designs as I love tattoos myself.(No, i don’t have any.)

    Growing up in beautiful Sabah, I have seen many amazing traditional tattoos which are still used in certain parts of my state.

    Thanks to you the readers and keep updated for more this 2010.

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