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Hey guys! How was your weekend? I hope this would shed some monday blues away.

Today I am excited to introduce and feature an artists to you, one of my favourite on from Deviantart who inspired some of my design works –  Jefferey ‘CHAMBA’ Cruz aka – Lastscionz.


Hailing from Australia, Jeff designs his art using 4H pencils, mechanical pencils, Steadler Eraser, PrinterPaper, PhotoShop/OpticalMouse->Intuos2.  He has real passion for comic & computer games characters such as Street Fighter, Ninja Turtles, BattleChasers, X-Men, Thundercats, Etc.. the colourful images truly display his masterful skills of character designs.

Here is a preview of his amazing work:

You can view more of his great artworks on Lastscionz gallery or his Chamba blog.

*Update: I will be featuring a new artiste every month for your inspiration and viewing pleasure!

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