Origami: The Art of Paper Folding by Eric Joisel

Can you believe that its just paper?

Arts and design comes in many forms and Origami or art of paper folding is a unique art of folding paper; which is known in many societies that use paper.  The term origami is used synonymously with paper folding, though the term properly only refers to the art of paper folding in Japan.  – (Wikipedia source)

the paper artists, eric joisel

Born in 1956 in Paris, France, Eric Joisel has been creating his incredible origami sculptures since 1983.  Joisel’s first exhibit was at Espace Japon in Paris in 1987 and he became a professional folder in 1992. Prior to working in paper, he studied drawing and sculpting and worked in clay and stone.

Joisel prefers creating human figures and is fascinated by the world of J.R. Tolkien and faeries and has produced a number of works on this theme.  His portfolio also includes origami animals, musicians, barbarians, as well as a series based on Commedia dell’Arte.

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