People Too – Magnificent Duo of Paper Miniatures

People Too by far is the most magnificent duo of paper miniatures; The Russian paper-craft agency run by two talented artist Lena Erlikh and Aleksey Lyapunov. Hailing from Novosibirsk, the magnificent duo has been creating incredibly detailed sculptures produced out of paper depicting scenes from everyday life. Some of their work is commissioned by various agencies. Recently, they were hired by Amnesty International, a non- governmental organization focused on human rights, for an advertising campaign “Fan the flame”.people-too-1[1] people-too-1[2] people-too-1[3]

The campaign images (above) depicts hateful crimes and social violence in paper-like dioramas. Although the all-white imagery at first dulls the seriousness of each scene, the burning fire on the attackers sends an even stronger message.

Below are a few other samples of People Too‘s previous works.

people-too-2[10] people-too-3[2] people-too-4[2] people-too-7[2] people-too-8[2] people-too-9[5] people-too-10[2] people-too-11[2] people-too-24[2] people-too-25[3] people-too-26[5] people-too-27[5] people-too-28[9] people-too-29[5] people-too-30[5] people-too-32[2] people-too-33[2] people-too-34[2] people-too-36[2] people-too-37[2]Other links of their works can be viewed here.

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