VHX.tv Beta – The New Future of Social Video Sharing

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Hi guys!

Some time ago, I posted about watching free online TV, however, this time I could Not wait to share about a new beta private video site that would rock your world! Founded by the original Vimeo developer Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson is VHX.tv.

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You would immediately feel something different about VHX as a video-sharing experience, namely that when you hit the service after initially registering and following other users, the videos in your VHX dashboard start playing right away, almost like you’ve turned on the social video TV!

The site runs using flash, a bit slow to load, but the unique experience of watching videos in your dashboard stream. This is great if you want to watch online videos while cooking or doing exercise, and don’t want to have to click around aimlessly for the next thing distraction. [singlepic id=198 float=center]

VHX.tv also lets you download a bookmarklet that lets you share or queue up videos from around the web, and the VHX browser extension tracks what videos you’ve watched on other sites, adding them to your history. You can share directly to Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and Tumblr from within the app, linking to the original video.

Currently VHX only supports Vimeo and YouTube, however Wilkinson mentions about adding other formats soon, essentially becoming a video dashboard for the entire web. Register now by just adding your email and give their private beta a spin and get a taste of the future for social video sharing.

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Do you think VHX.tv is the way of the future for social video sharing?

Write us a nice comment and don’t forget to share your personal experience with VHX.tv.

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