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IdeaFixa #8 : Self-Portrait

The bimonthly magazine of is out! Volume #8 titled Self-potrait. A flash player is required to view the magazine. Related Posts:PDF-MagazinesThe value of graphic design?Where Sex, Rock & Colours.. Matters!


The 8 Types of Bad Creative Critics

A comic strip site I stumbled which displays types of clients designers tend to meet. I myself have experienced this situation during some of my design presentations with the […] Continue Reading… Related Posts:Featured...


The value of graphic design?

As a graphic designer, I have passion and love with what I do. I was inspired by many designers I read and kept up to-date on websites, articles, blogs& […] Continue Reading… Related Posts:IdeaFixa...



Since we as designers need source of inspirations for our artworks, here is a site where you can find tonnes of links and now more information about free PDF […] Continue Reading… Related Posts:IdeaFixa...


19 Blog Designs that are a Sight for Sore Eyes

Here for your viewing pleasure are 19 of the best and brightest in blog design from across the web. Click here to Read more. Technorati Tags: design, creative, internet Related Posts:PDF-MagazinesDigital Signage | Designing...


Anatomical Tattoo Designs?

Fancy dinner anyone? Here is a few preview of fascinating anatomy tattoo design. Personally I do not agree in having one, but still I value & prise such great […] Continue Reading… Related Posts:Beautiful...

The Top Ten Reasons Why PR Doesn't Work 0

The Top Ten Reasons Why PR Doesn't Work

The client doesn’t understand the publicity process. PR folks need to better educate people about how publicity works. The first thing many clients ask is, “Can you get me […] Continue Reading… Related Posts:No...

What's Your Call Style? 0

What's Your Call Style?

  Have you ever noticed how a phone conversation can change simply by your posture or environment? I caught myself walking around the office while I was on the phone […] Continue Reading… Related...


Imperial International Hotel

It was about last week when I got a call from Dino, the proprietor of Imperial International Hotel, requesting me to have a ‘free trial’ stay in one of […] Continue Reading… Related Posts:Life&

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