How To Wake Up Everyday Easily 'Without' An Alarm Clock

Sleepyheads like myself live in perpetual envy of those who can just wake up without an alarm clock. In fact, my university roommate woke up every morning without his alarm going off once.

Although I don’t think I could ever ditch the alarm clock altogether, I would love to wake up pleasantly each morning moments before my alarm blasted me into reality.

Steps to Waking Up On Your Own

  1. Firstly, determine what time you need to wake up on most days. – Make this your sleep goal.
  2. Use your alarm clock to wake up at approximately that same time each morning. – Our bodies’ physiological processes are governed by the circadian rhythm, a cycle that in humans is closely adapted to the 24-hour day. You will get used to waking up. By training yourself to wake up at the same time each day, you “set” your circadian rhythm.
  3. Figure out how much sleep you really need. – Anyone about 13 and under needs about 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Individual sleep needs vary, however. Getting adequate rest is the most obvious way to help you wake up when you want.

Do any of you posses this incredible skill? What tips can you share with us?
How to Wake Up Without an Alarm Clock source from [WikiHow]

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1 Response

  1. meLLe says:

    Hi ALi G…found out that this is an interesting topic…my wake up call is usually at 6.00am in d morning eventhough i slept at 2-3am i can still wake at 6am…i dont know how that happen…maybe if always woke at that hour of time your brain automatically set to that time…maybe? hmmm…not if you are REALLY EXHAUSTED…your body & brain need SO MUCH rest. ok bye…

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