Doomi A Free To do List App by Adobe Air

Doomi is a free ‘to-do list’ app using Adobe Air and is an excellent way to do this as it easily maintains a small list of things to do. Create, edit, set reminders, and keep archives of your old tasks.

Doomi is one such simple to use and easy to understand todo manager that helps keep track of the tasks to complete and set reminders for the tasks. To add a new task in Doomi ToDo Manager just type the text into the text box and press “Enter” that’s it.It gets added into the list of tasks to do.To set a reminder just press the “Timer” icon and select the predefined time or set a custom time for the reminder.

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John’s a web developer and designer living somewhere in and around Vancouver, Canada. These days you can typically find John sipping macchiatos at his family coffee bar Crema, head deep in his latest book, or snapping photos of everything you can shake a stick at.

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