Does Digital Tools Distract Your Time at Work?

Computer machines were first manufactured and initially marketed as devices or tools to help us at work. We were told they would perform amazing feats of office derring-do — summing up rows of numbers effortlessly, turning our musings into beautiful magazine-quality documents, and letting us collaborate with one another across multiple continents.

I notice myself spending most the time in front of the computer. I would be downloading web contents, socializing anywhere in our vast digital universe; –  replying Emails, writing, web browsing, taking calls, Skyping, Facebook-ing, tweeting, designing, RSS Feeding. There are so many of these sites that just keeps you coming back to it – like an addiction!

DO You suffer from Internet Addictive Disorder’ (IAD) ?

How do you value yourselves for utilising time on these digital gadgets of the future?!?

I found this great link to share; a ‘hierarchy chart of digital distractions’ by David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer, an independent data journalist and information designer. He has a great passion in visualizing information – the facts, data, ideas, subjects, issues, statistics, questions.

On the top diagram shown, each level in this hierarchy trumps the next.

So, if you get a new msg on Facebook, but your landline rings, you’ll take the landline call. You might have a spasmodic moment of ‘uh? wadd I do’. But, usually, you’ll take the call.

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