Windows 7 Ultimate Tweaks – The Best GuideS and Solutions

I have been using Windows 7 for about a year now on my personal laptop, and found a few issues especially how Windows 7 requires a huge amount of power and memory to run the OS system, so how does Win 7 affect your system?

Do you suffer some kind of problem running Windows 7?

Here is a great site link: Windows 7 Ultimate Tweaks – The Best Guide and Solutions

I recommend highly to all because after tweaks like by disabling unnecessary effects and features, my OS now runs smoothly, more efficient and with better performance.

(WARNING!) All the tweaks are optional. Use the tweaks at your own discretion. Nothing is written in stone.

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Make Your Windows7 Run Faster

  • Change the Power Plan To Maximum Performance
  • Speed Up the Windows 7 Bootup Time
  • Change the Number of Processors Used at Boot Up
  • How to See What Your Windows 7 Restart Time is
  • Disable the Aero Theme on Windows 7
  • Disable the Unwanted Visual Effects
  • Disable Unwanted Startup Programs
  • Disable the Unwanted Services
  • Services to Disable
  • Disable the User account control (UAC) Feature
  • etc…. (read much more from site)

Did you find the link provided useful?

You could also combine the tweaks and boost your Windows start-up speed by almost 70% with a free software I posted recently. You could also add your own list of recommendations to us!

Come share with us your own tweak experiences or write us a comment. Share the love!

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1 Response

  1. BorneoConnect says:

    Hey Ali, great insight and link you got here. I found tonnes of stuff that I could increase my win7 performance!
    Your the best!

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