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Solution Fix for Connecting HP Laserjet 1200 using Win7 via XP Network

Have you ever had printer driver issues?
A few days ago, I tried connecting my Acer laptop (Windows 7 64bit) to the office’s HP Laserjet 1200 printer, via LAN network which runs on Windows XP. Although the printer icon appears on my ‘Network’, I was still required to install the driver.
I’m sure most of you had the same problem as I did when you were installing HP printers; Sorry to say – I had less problems with other brands.
I even looked up on different drivers for my Win 7 from the HP Support & Drivers website and other reliable sites – I installed each one of them manually, but still I couldn’t get it to work. I then recalled reading a forum somewhere, issues regarding connection between Vistas/Win7 operating system to a Windows XP networking setup.
After a long day testing various by some helpful HP users (thanks guys!), I finally got a Solution Fix for Connecting HP Laserjet 1200 using Windows 7 via XP Network.

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