360Cam – A Full HD 360° Camera and the First in the World

pano3_1-1The 360Cam is a Full HD 360° Camera and the First in the World. I must say it is by far one of the best gadgets that I’ve seen so far! The awesome team behind it at Giroptic pitches a more sophisticated application: virtual reality.

360 3 modesThe 360Cam can shoot video or photos. It uses three microphones to capture 360 degree sound. It is also waterproof; for an extra fee, buyers can purchase tiny goggles that correct the cameras’ lenses underwater. It’s not meant for only virtual reality; photos and videos can be viewed on mobile devices and desktop computers as well.

360Cam Features:

360 info360Cam Full Specs:360 specs
Seriously you must view their gallery on how it works, the 360 degree Video is amazing! Click the video link below~

360Croatia Video

You can start ordering this item now and receive it by November this year. This would definately make a great Christmas gift right?

Share with us what you guys think of 360Cam?


Credits to gigaom.com and 360.tv

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