Jolla SmartPhone – The New Beginning


Most of you aren’t familiar with Jolla Smartphone, but for fans of the MeeGo platform it’s a synonym for the New Beginning in the smartphone world. Founded by former Nokia employees, the Finnish company, Jolla (smartphone) is powered by Sailfish OS, a truly open and distinct mobile operating system. Navigate effortlessly with the gesture-based user interface and load the phone with top Android™ apps.


Here’s a quick video showing off the user interface in action:

Jolla wanted to turn some heads with a their new Sailfish OS, preserving much of the MeeGo flow to keep purists happy, while adding enough new elements to ensure it has a future when pitted against the likes of the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone in today’s smartphone world.

Effortless and gesture-based.

Using Sailfish OS quickly becomes second nature. Jolla’s interface responds to your needs effortlessly, seamlessly adapting to your habits.


Live Multitasking

The Home view shows you what matters. Access app shortcuts with a swipe – from switching music tracks to opening a new browser window.

Swipe away

Minimise or close apps

To get back to Home from any app, swipe from either side of the screen. To close the app, just swipe from top to bottom.


Check what’s happening

Check your social updates in the Events view, without having to stop what you’re doing. Swipe from the bottom of the screen upwards.


Pull and release to select actions

Quickly start the camera, make a call and more by pulling down the handy Pulley Menu.


Visit their main website for more information about Jolla.

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