Nikon vs Canon on the Ultimate DSLR Durability Test!

Often I find myself enjoying taking photographs using my simple Canon Digital Ixus 70. Yes, some might call it ancient but it has helped me along the way in completing some design projects and also preserving some of the greatests moments of my life. Oh, how I wish I am going to work my way to own my own my own digital SLR (perhaps one day!) soon.

Do you guys own any digital SLR camera that you love to bring along almost everywhere you go? Have you ever wondered if your Nikon or Canon camera’s really are tough enough to take the abuse that one might give it during daily life?

Here are these two DSLRs and was put  through some extreme tests that you might possibly be able to relate to during your daily lives. Watch this crazy video by Kai (who also made a guide on how to paint your DSLR pink!) over at DigitalRev to see for yourself and experience if they survive these rigorous tests.

(Warning: Not for the faint hearted!)

Nikon D90 vs Canon 550D: The Ultimate SLR Durability Test Video

“Hey Kai! Maybe you could kindly donate me a camera that you’re not using?!? ”  😉
Ouch!! I must say that some of these test are extremely rough and it really breaks my heart to see such torment to the camera’s. Despite all the hard knocking, hammer banging on nails, fire burning, etc, it is interesting to know that some of these destructive damages still manage to keep it quite functional.. erm.. or.. usable? Do you have other evil ways for Nikon and Canon to take up the Ultimate DSLR Durability Test?

Let you be the judge! Write a comment and tell us what you think of these tests.

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