ObliqO – Skateboard with Hubless Wheels

I stumbled across this amazing invention and had to share with everyone. Hope you guys like it!

ObliqO is an innovative recreational device that combines the swinging motion of a snakeboard with wheels without hubs.

Created by product designer Michele Camerlengo in collaboration with Kingston University, it uses two 16-inch hubless wheels with pneumatic tires for top performance on all urban surfaces, no matter how uneven or rough.

Watch this innovative device in action!

I wasn’t a designer yet at the time but I was already a creative thinker, or so I define my curious way of imagining stuff that never existed. – Michele Camerlengo quoted from “The story behind ObliqO”

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1 Response

  1. Eric Bigney says:

    Wow! Great innovation designed there. It might even be a new x-games sport soon. You never know.
    I have enjoyed reading your site so much but maybe more updates, yeah? I will keep visiting soon.

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