Parrot MiniDrone & Parrot Jumping Sumo Spy Toys


This 2014, Parrot brings us two exciting toys; Parrot MiniDrone & Parrot Jumping Sumo. Both of these devices are connected using your smartphone or tablet, and I think these new toys are clearly aimed at children as well as adults, and at the indoor toy market. Both are small, light, and much easier to control than the original AR Drones.

The Parrot Jumping Sumo has built-in commands to spin and turn 90 degrees and has the ability to jump unbelievably high — like onto a table from the floor, as much as three feet. It has a QVGA-resolution camera for viewing from your phone or tablet with a battery life of 20 minutes.

 Parrot-Jumping-Sumo 2 Parrot-Jumping-Sumo-w800

The Parrot Minidrone is the younger brother of the AR Drone which is lightweight quadcopter with a pair of large, removable, wheels that allow it to roll around floors, tables and counters. MiniDrone also has rotors for lift, it can actually drive up walls and even along the ceiling, maneuvering in very acrobatic ways.  img-9385-1 img-9398-1

Below is an example of Parrot’s Minidrone and Jumping Sumo in action.

Parrot has not announced pricing for either of these toys, but you can sign-up and get more information on their website. It seems likely they will be less expensive than their larger AR Drone. I hope these two futuristic spy gadgets would be in the $100-200 range, but for now I can only imagine how fun they can be!


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