Social Networking Free App in your phone 24/7 with Friends Around

FriendsAroundMe is a mobile community that makes it easy to discover and fun to interact with people around you, from all over the world.

A mobile app for interacting with friends 24/7 across social networks without being tied to a computer. You can log in using Facebook or your Twitter API.


  • Replaces text messaging with free group chat for easy interaction with multiple friends
  • Open profiles for full access and no limits on who you can meet
  • Earn rewards for active participation that elevates your social standing within the community

Friends Around Me – Chat Feature

Friends Around Me – Dashboard Feature

Available Now for iPHONE and iPAD.

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2 Responses

  1. Jaspal Singh says:

    wow, i love it

  2. ali.goldie says:

    I recommended it to some friends for thier iPhone’s, now they are hooked on it.

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